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Optimizing Hospitality

WellWays helps hotel guests
Stay Well while in your care and comfort…and beyond.

We believe...

Living a longer life

is not a genetic predisposition, a privilege for the chosen few, or geographically imprinted.

It is a choice

and the outcome of access to science, professionals, curated environments and healthy habits, all wrapped up into integrative tools, resources and practices.

Placing the human being at the apex of everything.

and this should be easy, accessible and eventually become innate.

WellWays brings longevity enhancements and resources front and center to the most common living practices and environments that human beings encounter every day, with with a global platform for PERSONALIZED HEALTH, CARE AND COMFORT.

Maximize your hotel’s
wellness platform

Introducing VitalScore, a groundbreaking well-being analysis program that helps
hotels to design and deliver a guest-dedicated wellness journey and unique experience.

We assess your guest’s unique wellness profile

An easy-to-use, non-invasive wellness app that is engineered to determine key areas of vigilance, and reveal the resources that will Optimize Energy, Vitality, Sleep, and Positive Emotions.

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We assess your guest’s unique wellness profile

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An easy-to-use, non-invasive wellness app that is engineered to determine key areas of vigilance, and reveal the resources that will Optimize Energy, Vitality, Sleep, and Positive Emotions.


Seamless personalised wellness

Hotel guests can easily engage with the VitalScore app from time of booking, in the comfort of their home, and during their hotel stay.

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Our algorithms calculate your guest’s VitalScore results, which in turn generate your hotel’s personalized wellness proposal and guest journey.

Revitalize your hotel’s
wellness platform

VitalScore helps you transform each guest stay into a personalized wellness journey by leveraging your hotel’s existing wellness facilities
and services and curating specialized programs.

Comprehensive and holistic evaluation of the guest’s current lifestyle, and areas that require special attention.

Personalized and luxurious guest wellness experience.

Continued wellbeing support, coaching and follow-up through all WellWays hotel affiliates.

Elevate and diversify hotel service offerings.

Increase destination appeal.

Transform each guest stay into an experience of personal discovery and self-improvement.

Advisory Services

WellWays is a leading wellness advisory agency that specializes in the curation of one of- a-kind wellness programs. Our design and development expertise helps hotel owners attract a discerning clientele who seek luxurious and uniquely-crafted wellbeing experiences.

We improve and implement preventive well-being measures using diagnostic tools and wellness programs
We provide proactive advice that spans natural and holistic methodologies to wellness facility design, ensuring an exceptional experience for both guests and employees.
We create or adapt existing brand identities to incorporate a wellness dimension. Our focus is on branding and communication strategies that highlight the unique wellness offerings of our clients.
We offer comprehensive training, recruitment, digital applications, investments and revenue management support to streamline and enhance overall operations.

Tailor-made wellness is what we do well!

Our innovative concepts leverage the best in science and health traditions to design a wide array of programs for our affiliates

  • natural detox & nutrition
  • recovery & vitality
  • fitness & energy
  • mind & body balance
  • well-being & longevity

plus, many more a-la-carte options to address unique environments and clientele needs.

About Us



Hospitality Wellness & Retail Expert

Global Brand Developer
Luxury Goods Distribution & Franchising

With over 30 years’ experience in consumer goods sales and spa franchising, Louis began his career in Singapore with Denis Frères, specializing in F&B supplies for hotels. He then worked for renowned companies Bluebell, Clarins, and LVMH in Asia, where he focused on luxury goods distribution – delivering goods to market and collaborating with agents, department stores, duty-free shops, and luxury retailers.

Louis joined Guerlain as Business Development Director where he oversaw international markets across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. He then went on to successfully develop the brand’s global spa network.

Passionate about wellness, he founded WellWays to further promote well-being in luxury hospitality where he teams up with Integrative Medicine and Marketing experts.


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